Fast Essential Delivery

I have always thought about I wish there was a store or service where I can get the essentials quickly. Most of the trips I make and others make to the store is for something essential like milk for example. Then I decide to buy more products while there so I don’t have to go to the store again. Regardless of how many items you buy, going grocery shopping is time consuming and sometimes you might forget what you initially went to the store to buy. Going grocery shopping is time consuming, drive time from your residence to store, finding parking spot, if you have kids you worry about them behaving good, walking around aisles to only get few items and wait to check out etc.We want to solve the problem where we save people time, gas and effort by providing their essentials from their phone/computer to their door, quickly and affordably.  We want customers to have a simple, convenient, easy  and affordable shopping experience anytime they want.

What we see most people do is make about 2 trips a week for shopping, maybe a few more trips for snacks or something. Each trip for grocery shopping might take an hour or a little less than an hour so in a year a person maybe spend 104 hours shopping. We can save people time to do what they love.Although anyone can live on what we have for years, customers would still want to go to the store at some point for other options, however, it will be their choice when they go to the store not because they are out of an essential product.

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